Friday, May 14, 2010

St. George

Perfect weather, fun bike trails, great company, and loads of lizards.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Graduation/Mother's Day

A great day - Dennen B.S., Josh B.S., Hilary M.S. and Mother's Day as well!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Railroad Track Riding

The latest word from the medical community is that I am going to shatter like a tea cup on concrete if I take a spill. Seems that with age comes "thinning bones." To rectify the situation one must:
  • Sit in the sun to absorb vitamin D (not an option for a red-headed sun fearing "burner")
  • Choke down calcium pills the size of unshelled peanuts (integrated throughout your day)
  • Stop smoking (thank heaven I never started, I might be bitter to quit at this age)
  • Throw in a little magnesium and silicon (beer is the food item with the most silicon - not an option in my professional setting)
  • Lift weights (I'd rather build a rock fence than sit in a sweaty gym staring at a wall as I count reps)
  • Spend time exercising on a vibration plate like the astronauts use (only if I get the trip to the moon along with the pain inflicted by this device)
  • Eat enough vegetables to sprout long furry ears, a fuzzy tail, and the ability to scratch behind said ears with a hind foot (perhaps the prep time would fit between weight lifting, calcium/magnesium/silicon monitoring, and sun bathing)
  • Choose ancestors that are NOT light-skinned fog dwellers (hmmm)
  • Strive to be overweight by at least 40 pounds throughout your 30's and 40's (drat, more candy bars would have been nice)

I am a problem-solver by nature, so I plan to put on my swimming suit, sling on my backpack and head up the canyon where I will divert my regular smooth bike ride to a bone-jarring ride along the railroad tracks. Each day I will fill the backpack with river rocks, dine on crispy watercress and stinging nettle, and return via same railroad tracks to my yard where I will begin the construction of a six-foot rock wall from the collected river rocks. Slitting an aloe vera leaf will allow ample application of the soothing gel to my sunburn after which I can devour the outer leaf.