Saturday, February 6, 2016


Cold feet for 47 years of skiing.  I am so tired of cold feet.  I've been looking into heated insoles and the price range is huge.  Now that I have titanium parts in the feet, the cold seems worse.  Today wasn't even a cold day.

My long underwear is 47 years old.  Is the $ saved over the years by not purchasing lots of unnecessary clothing now available to sink into insoles?

My feet are crying, "YES!"

My miserly pocketbook screams, "Well, maybe."

Therm-ic ThermicSole Classic, SmartPack rc 1600

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

got thinkin about the blog
which led to looking at the snow report 
because I am not skiing today 
because I will sew beads on youngest offspring's wedding dress

no new snow to speak of 
going tomorrow if my friend doesn't wimp out on me
Saturday will be a ski day
a point .....  stinks to be the gal in the bunch
guys will go without gal, but never reverse - frowney face

checking my "ski" bookmarks
find a link to article from a medical journal on Chronic Venous Insufficiency
I do seriously sourced medical research
bookmarked under "ski"?
Hmmm, legs ache....

pathetic, small snowflakes comin down
maybe I'll get dressed
look at the wedding dress
or head out for a pancake
and not bead
wish i'd skied

glad to not have chronic venous insufficiency

End of the Year

Megan and Josh announced that they will be having a baby in June. They are so excited and we are very, very excited.

This year Christmas is a little bit different because all of our kids are spread around the United States. Rache,l in Alaska, will not be able to come for Christmas nor will Megan, Josh, Tyler, Emily, Mason and Milo.

Because Dennen will be doing a rotation in upstate New York, Hilary, Finn, and Margo will be coming to stay at our house for three months. They all will arrive on Christmas eve and stay until April.

The Fraziers had their Christmas early since they will be traveling.  We were able to FaceTime with them and see Finn open his presents. He opened Margo's for her and said, "Oooh look Margo little teeny clothes for you!" He then set them on her lap.

Martin and Sue (now living in Elko) will be able to come spend Christmas. Denise and Greg are also coming for Christmas. Mom and Dad are up for Christmas from Yuma.