Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quilting Miracle

I started a quilt because I was in love with a bunch of matching fabrics...it became a quilt about 4 x 4 feet...too small...trip to Brigham City, great additional finds...5 x 5 feet...too small...trip to EVERY STINKING FABRIC STORE in the valley...gave up :(

Then I thought to buy online, but how to match what I had with the millions and millions of fabrics out there??? For two weeks the quilt has been on the floor, a guilt-ridden beginning of my unbridled creativity. Tonight I thought that perhaps on the printed selvage...a clue...yes indeedy...modafabrics.com pattern 6314...purchased and on it's way...a perfect match! :) (hopefully)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scents of Riding

Because I'm gifted with a great sense of smell, I enjoy fragrances as I ride:
  • bacon cooking at the drug rehab center
  • campfires in Nunn's Park
  • pancakes in neighborhood kitchens
  • cottonwoods
  • purple petunias
  • wet leaves
  • moss along the Provo River
  • diesel smoke from the Heber Creeper

I few surprises today as I sniffed along:

  • sweet, insense-like smoke from a passing Audi (perhaps texting while driving takes a back seat to this)
  • glue from an old guy's (at least my age) 7-up bottle as he walked the trail - must be working on repairs ?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So, I'm walking behind this kid at the Lord's University, and I totally saw his under-the-jeans unmentionable through a huge rip among the many rips all over the outfit. I really wasn't looking. My first impulse was to let him know so that he could cover up, but thought better. Perplexed, I wondered for several minutes if his mom would have wanted me to help him out, and now somehow I'd let her down.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BYU Flood

Plug the drain, turn the faucet on full blast, and leave the room to help some students get some ingredients. Then....help them in a different room by answering questions and showing them the proper consistency of bread. As they leave to go to "devotional," make sure to plug their drain and put the tools they used in cold water for easy clean-up later on, plug the drain, turn the faucet on and then realize (gasp) that the faucet in the other room has been running for a full half hour. Run full steam back to Room #1.

Result - flooded floor, drawers, cupboards in Room #1. Begin mopping.
Realization - Room #2 is now flooding from the breadmaking clean up. Run full steam back to that room to turn off the water. Begin mopping....and mopping....and mopping....and mopping....