Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Non-Christian Zone

The closer I drive to my employment destination, the more insane and cut-throat the drivers.  Ironic, in that my destination is an employer of  "uber-mo's."  Only those in our group of a "peculiar people," understand the meaning of  "uber-mo."  In our race to the Celestial Kingdom, this really happens:

  • cyclists must ride in the gutter as cars will run them over and they are not allowed on sidewalks
  • the right-hand lane next to the sidewalk is a high-speed passing zone
  • speeds exceed 60 mph on Canyon Road and top out at 80 mph passing LaVell's stadium
  • drivers accelerate through crosswalks if a pedestrian is not squarely centered on the car's radiator
  • no eye contact is made with other drivers so the "I am Christian if I didn't see you" cut-off can be accomplished
  • a minimum of 5 cars must turn left on a red light
  • squealing of tires can be heard in parking garages as drivers vie for coveted spots
  • under no circumstance is anyone allowed to merge into traffic
  • both cyclists and pedestrians crossing at an intersection are flattened if a driver can turn right on a red and beat oncoming traffic
  • fasting is required to exit your car as each parking spot must accommodate 1.5 cars
  • all cursing is done without lip movement so as to appear kind and within the bounds of our honor code

After five years of observing these odd behaviors, it makes one wonder about the transition from Sunday School class to daily life.  Pedal to the metal baby......and show no fear....

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday

Birthdays this month for Garth and Dennen.  A fun birthday dinner included Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup, Light Pumpernickel Bread, Whipped Grape/Raspberry Jello, and Cake with Dream Whip Frosting.  

That goofy face of Finn's is what he does when we tell him, "Say cheese!"

Great times!

Apple Store

Just an observation - Is this a required look for employees in any Apple Store?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snot on My Shoulder

Gladdenings of My Heart:

snot on my shoulder - cause I've been loved by our smallest one

pat on the head - cause the black-haired youngest offspring has lovingly passed behind my chair

masterful gift wrapping with perfect curly ribbons - cause the sandwiched daughter adds extra love as a finishing touch

goofy face in family photos - cause hairless son-in-law fills the left ventricle of my heart

words of thanks - cause red-headed gal thinks to acknowledge the little things

helpful hands - cause the tallest one sees my fatigue

bright side of things noticed - cause the humorist in the eldest son always sees it

turkey carcass in my soup pot - cause thoughts of a sister's turkey carcass simultaneously submerged pop into my brain

wide-stance-hands-in-pockets musings - cause moments observing or listening to my brother link laugh, language, and Lairdisms back a generation or two

calls or visits perfectly timed - cause my mother always knows

heartwarming stories - cause my dad shares them with love, wisdom, and humor

efforts given - cause my father-in-law does everything possible to assist

bulwark of strength - cause my eternal companion is by my side loving, forgiving, strengthening, and listening

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tree Day

Grandma Jensen started the tradition with her Tree Trimming Party, when 27 grandchildren were invited to come help trim her tree with years-old ornaments, electrical taped lights, and new boxes of icicles.  After the tree was trimmed, we were treated to her wonderful pineapple milkshakes (made with raw milk from Uncle Paul's cows).

Helping my mom with her home decorations was always a joy because I felt that she had the most beautiful decorations placed all throughout the house.  As a child, I felt that our home should be featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

My sister, Denise, re-invented the tradition and marked the day after Thanksgiving as its date.  I look forward to the day with great anticipation and sit back and marvel at the Spirit of Christmas that is felt as we share time together.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spokane Sister Time

A great time was had in Spokane with my sister as we laughed, talked, shopped, talked, ate, talked, drove, ate, talked and sewed together!
Discovered Wisdom

Buggy Barn Visit

So Many Choices

Stitching Flying Geese

Knit Shop

Sewing Room Sisters

Excellence in Dining - Greg Allowed

Savings Account Busters

New Grandbaby Quilts

Olive Oil Shop

Dining - Again

Canned Food for Charity

Snowman Quilts

Completion:  Two Snowman Quilts and Two Baby Quilts