Sunday, March 31, 2013


Once upon a time, there was a family
...a very happy family
...that laughed
...and played
...and ate together.

And they were happy
...from Logan New York
...and Carlisle, Pennsylvania Portland, Maine
...and back to Orem

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Guy in My Life

While my friend went back to her car to retrieve a face mask, I took the opportunity to explore a run in tree powder.

I rode up the lift with an amazing guy.

We chatted about resort secrets, the spectacular day, and Utah skiing wisdom.  He shared that he had to choose a day to come to the mountain and he had forfeited a warm spring day (last week) to the fresh powder day we were experiencing.  He also shared that he had saved this day for Alta.

My heart felt a connection to this guy as it was becoming evident that his high elevation preferences were soundly based.  It turns out that he lives in Odgen and could have gone to Snowbasin or Powder Mountain.  The decision was very difficult and his reasoning understood when he shared a Powder Mountain advertising slogan, "Powder Mountain:  Just The Same."  Close competiton, especially on a powder day.  Total comprehension.

Riding UTA was how he arrived, wearing an old coat, tattered hat, and gloves with the stuffing spilling out. I marveled at his dedication to make the trip and he asked, "How much do you think I got this outfit for?"  Without missing a beat he answered his own question, "Thirty bucks at DI and Savers, but I feel kinda bad that the gloves are wearing out.  I really like them."  I suggested that he wrap duct tape around the parts that are wearing out because every truely wise winter wizard knows that you can ruin a wonderful mountain experience by disgarding a loved item and replacing it with something new.  He excitedly replied, "That'd be great and it would match the color." Once again, my heart felt a connection with a person uncaring about the flashy clothes and all about the experience.

Rented skis, boots and poles were a necessity for him and he knowingly mentioned that 69 years of experience had taught him the importance of a good boot.  Another heart throb.  No helmet protected his head and he mentioned that his hat and hood were good enough.  Agreed.

The lift ride was over, conversation ended, and we headed different directions, me alone through the trees, him soloing the groomer on Albion.  I love the people who properly love my mountains.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life and Quilting

Piecing together a quilt brings to mind many parallels to life, its phases, twists and turns:

  • a vision of something spectacular guides the process
  • seldom is the plan followed precisely
  • precision is crucial on some significant steps
  • mistakes cause the invention of something new
  • there are pieces that one loves
  • unfavorites can be a beautiful part of the whole

  • there is a knowledge at the beginning that there will be tricks and techiniques that you know you'll learn along the way and wish you knew them at the onset
  • ahh-ha moments are cherished, knowing that you will use them or share them
  • some parts never fit together and each time that step arises, one knows there will be a struggle
  • easy places are appreciated
  • some shortcuts are okay and experience will reveal their application
  • techniques learned by those having been through the process are welcome and sometimes adopted, sometimes not
  • some problems cause a huge concentration of time, energy and effort
  • other problems are an easy fix

  • there is a rhythm of ease and enjoyment when things are going smoothly
  • the beauty of imperfection reveals itself
  • bits of perfection are rewarding
  • something that just doesn't seem to blend in is appreciated as a beautiful accent
  • progress is usually slower than anticipated
  • there are parts that are trimmed and thrown away, but they were important in the making
  • tools and skill can make a huge difference
  • hopefully, in the end, one is satisfied
  • experience teaches that sometimes the whole experience is just that
  • experience also teaches that this might be the best yet

Monday, March 11, 2013

Nice Things

The love of my life does some pretty nice things:

  • throws the frisbee for Eddie every day
  • leaves a candy bar on my car seat at random times
  • goes to the store for one item
  • helps anybody that needs it
  • listens to me whine
  • calls each of his kids just to chat
  • stops and listens to people
  • is steady
  • doesn't worry
  • says, "Would you like to sit here?"
  • heats my rice pad and puts it in my bed
  • turns down the covers and switches on the light
  • stops by his mom's grave because she would like that
  • writes checks out for his dad, but insists that his dad sign them
  • forges my signature
  • has never sought after material things
  • enjoys the outdoors
  • is a loyal friend
  • appreciates art
  • tries to work things out for people
  • helps in the kitchen
  • laughs often

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thank YOU!!!

One of these guys is an imposter.  Which one?
To the wonderful person that gave me a bag of Swedish fish for either Christmas or my birthday.....


Got them out of the freezer and they are heaven, chewy goodness in a bag, preservative and dye-laden marvels of culinary exquisiteness, non-freezer tainted sweet delictables.

3 months has only added yumminess to their flavor.