Monday, March 29, 2010

Can't Wait to Meet you're hangin' out in Heaven, probably figuring out what you may be in for, excited about the prospects, thrilled about the parents with whom you're paired, hopeful about the beauty and blessings of Earthlife... Grandma Marci tried to picture you, to see you outside of that wonderful daughter belly, to imagine touch nose to cheek, whisper breaths, petal soft ears...

...impossible, incomprehensible...

...2 months and a bit, we'll meet...

Friday, March 26, 2010


I admit that I'm pretty thorough when evaluating most ski days, especially a spring ski day. The news is, there was 10 new inches last night (KSL news - not too reliable). I then check linking to Alta, UT, which is very reliable as far it what's happening and what might happen tonight and in the morning. They predict 7 - 11 inches tonight and up to 7 more tomorrow. Always set your heart on the low prediction.

I then go to the road report which actually tells what is happening on the road. Finally, I look at "pics of the day" at several of my favorite spots This gives a pretty good indication of the quality and type of snow that is falling. Notice the red arrows in the above picture. Ah-hah! There may be up to 11 more inches predicted for tonight, but it will not be light, ash power. As the arrows indicate, it will be a thigh-buster. This stuff looks pretty heavy based on the carve of the ski (lowest arrow) and the fact that the spray is in clumps. It will be awesome fun if we get there and in line by 8:30. We'll probably get up to four runs in untracked sweetness, but the fans will be lined up and the good stuff will be gone by 11, at which time, we will take our leisurely lunch, returning to search out unspoiled stashes in the trees.

....might be our last powder day of the season - let the gardening begin!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Spring is sprung,
The grass is riz,
I wonder where,
The birdies iz...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mr. Smith & Me

- Mr. Smith -

...leaves a candy bar on my car seat so that I find it when I go to work...shops for groceries...skis with me...makes travel arrangements...uses a flashlight to find things in the closet if I'm sleeping...removes my readers and my book when I fall asleep...runs with me...lets me make stupid mistakes again and again and again...buys gum (he doesn't chew)...snacks on my hidden our religious pillar...shares my joys...laughs with me...fixes the computer...sees eye to eye with me on forgiving...overlooks flaws...dated me for 2 years...proposed every 2 weeks for four months...endured an 8 month at 29 years of marriage...hashes through problems, concerns, and dilemmas with me...tries to fix stuff...hauls off yard waste...sharpens my tools...appreciates God's at being a great dad...drops everything to help...feeds the dog/hamster/fish/rabbit/ginea pig...buries the dog/hamster/fish/rabbit/ginea pig...makes mean muffins, waffles & bean dip...walks with me...bikes with me...likes pretty near everyone...

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I attended USU and never heard or saw anything like Saturday night's victory over New Mexico State. The USU fans are merciless, actually turning their backs to the playing court as the opposing team is introduced...not a few fans...but the entire, packed Spectrum. The chanting and arm motions to every cheer are synchronized PERFECTLY. The booing and cheering is incredible.

At the end of the game the arena erupts in a cheer calling the other team "LOSING TEAM." Link to this to hear it.

I never knew that the following words were sung at my beloved USU - teleprompters help, but the crowd knows the words and bellars them out. This song is sung by a full stadium of blue-clad humanity using both arms in milking mothion as the sound level goes above any rock-n-roll concert I've ever attended.

"Show me the Scotsman who doesn't love the thistle,
Show me the Englishman who doesn't love the rose,
Show me a true-blooded Aggie from Utah,
Who doesn't love the spot where the sagebrush grows!!! "

SAGEBRUSH!!!??? I didn't know I was proud of sagebrush. Behind the basket, Wild Bill taunts the opposing free throw shooter. Wild Bill is famous, disrobing in the second half to show his costume for the game, even interviewed on ESPN. I had an amazing time.

Friday, March 5, 2010

If I Still Had Kids

If I still had kids at dear hubbie would have run their homework over to the school...I would have called in their "out of town" absence...and one of the little darlin's would have been forced to accompany me to the slopes...19 new inches...March...powder ski friend is a "good weather" skier - not a blizzard I shall go alone...15 minutes late