Saturday, September 14, 2013


Started out the day in West Haven. Delayed because of rain. Had a wonderful breakfast at the Comfort Inn with waffles fruit and yogurt. As luck would have it the rain stopped and off we went.

...sometimes it's good to put up a really bad picture just to make others feel good...

It was kind of a wet ride through Roy then Clinton



Kaysville. Eventually we made it to Farmington where they were having a huge dog show.

We had a donut and a Diet Coke at Harmons in Farmington. 38 miles.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Today the Smith family suffered a loss. Upon the second diagnosis of my blue spruce tree, the arborist proclaimed that there was no hope. I remember my mother getting very upset about the loss of a tree and I thought she was totally overreacting. 

I would think, "What's the big deal? Just plant another tree." However, when you have babied trees along, watched their growth, and enjoyed their beauty, the loss is heartfelt.  We had a stunning display of Christmas lights on that blue spruce for several consecutive years.

There is an impact that the loss of the tree makes on the surrounding yard. First of all it's a big mess getting the tree out and hauling it off. Then, there's the replanting because of the shade lost for all shade-loving plants.

Goodbye hostas, goodbye inpatients.

It takes about 25 years for a tree to even come close to maturity. When I look at my lifespan, I realize that planting a tree will not be for me, but for future generations.

When we moved in, this lot had five trees.  We now have 35, with several lost along the way.

Coping with this loss will include chocolate, Diet Coke, and a trip to the nursery. Garth will need to get his chain hooked to ol' blue and commence yanking so the planting may begin. 

I think I'll start with the chocolate.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Give it up already!

This is what I saw at the post office today. Really, a Poinsettia in September?  
The good news is that it will probably make it til Christmas. The bad news is that the poor thing has been sitting there since last Christmas.

There should be a law that January 1 all poinsettias go in the trash!

I remember my dear sweet mother putting one in the trash outside of her home on 800 E. in Orem and some lady stopped and rescued It. Keep in mind that this was mid January.

How good can it really look come December?  Maybe it just needs a new bow.