Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The tendency is to get impatient while waiting at a medical facility, a time to observe one's surroundings, and a time to eavesdrop (just a tad) on conversations.

The group of three that came in after me was speaking a foreign language, so I tried to guess the language.  I concluded German.

Then I tried to figure their relationship - an older couple and maybe a friend or daughter.  The gentleman hobbled to the receptionist's desk.  He stated date of birth as 1951.  Sheesh, one of these geezers is close to my age.  No, not the old lady with the walker, sunglasses, who is resting her head on the frame of the walker....She had to be much older than that....

I deduced that the patient was Vera, after the guy hollered , "Hey Vera, what was the name of that brain tumor you had?"  Vera (in English) hollers back some long term that I am unable to note here or ever pronounce.  The patient is the one with the walker, eek, born in 1951.

The second question shouted by the guy, who now looks very tired, was, "And Vera, they wanna know when is was that you had breast cancer."  Now all three look tired and I deduced that Vera is wearing sunglasses because the light is probably a pain inducer.  The resting on the walker from countless treatments.

The final comment I overheard, "Oh yeah, and she has a fake hip."

I left counting my blessings and feeling sad for a group of three German-speaking survivors.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Today's Excuse

Okay, I'll stop after this.
40 minutes late to class, here is the excuse of the day:
"Sister Smith, I'm late because my mother just got a brand new calling as Relief Society President."

WHa - - aat  ?!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Testing Sister Smith

Here is the rule:  If your recipe doesn't turn out, you don't get full points.  

With smoke billowing from the oven and fellow students gasping for breath, kitchen #4 informs me, "We burned up our garlic bread."  My response, "Why yes, it appears you have."  

Their inquiry, "We're not going to lose points are we!?  It was an accident. " opposed to intentionally incinerating food for a grade....?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm Trying

My mom always has said, "You need to learn to like all foods,"  and "You can learn to like anything."  I'm a believer and I try.  New adventures this week included kale, mustard greens, and once again, brussel sprouts.  The mustard greens are still in the frig, hidden behind the tortillas and leftover soup.  The kale was surprisingly good, kinda like Swiss chard, but with more texture.

Having studied the chemical attributes of cruciferous vegetables, I have learned that leaving the lid off as you cook these delicacies will result in a more subtle flavor at serve time.  However, your house will smell like a wad of used baby diapers.

Undaunted, I embarked upon the mission to cook up a batch of brussel sprouts that would prove my mother right.  I followed all the instructions, didn't over or under cook them, left the lid off, and found a new recipe that included Italian dressing and Parmesan cheese - YUM.

I was successful in eating 3 of the 6 little sprouts before getting the dry heaves.  I'm still learning....

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Earth Moved

Yikes! A post at this site?  I know you felt the earth move under your feet.

Blogging is a good thing - It keeps us connected - A person can add more detail than in texting and more depth than in Facebook.
I dedicate this post to my sweetheart, Garth.  Today I let him ski first.  I usually make the tracks, he follows and I get particularly feisty if he, "loses visual contact."  As I watched his near-perfect form, I realized what a lucky gal I am to have him by my side (or in this case, leading the way).  We have lots of fun together and share many laughs.  The hard times have been easier as we have leaned on each other.  Our children are doing great things and we enjoy watching them journey down life's pathways, figuring out choices and adapting to change.  They are strong.

Today's observations while visiting our beautiful mountains:

  • A 50-ish lady, giddy with excitement and exhaustion, exclaimed to me as we were using the restroom that she and her husband had just finished their first-ever ski lesson.  CONGRATULATIONS!
  • A young girl in front of us on the lift was wearing a ski outfit from the 80's, complete with fanny pack.  Made us smile.
  • We noted the signs and posters celebrating Alta's 75th year.  Please, don't change this resort....
  • The drinking fountains are not designed for helmet wearers.  I wear a helmet purely for fashion.  I've never once in 43 YEARS of skiing bonked my head.
  • We noted that the "cat" tree had acquired a mouse.  This is a tree stump at the top of Supreme Lift that looks just like a cat crouching on its back feet, playing with its paws up.  Someone had hiked all the way up and strung a computer mouse over one paw.
  • A liftee that rode up with us said that he'd worked for four years at Alta, both summer and winter.  He paused and then commented that he didn't know if that was lucky or stupid.
  • New mountain fashion shows up, but equal quantities from past decades dot the mountainside.
  • Little kids squeal with delight, but so do grownups.  Where else can you hear adults shout with the sheer joy of movement, breath, exhilaration, and being?
  • Al's has the best hot cocoa, with refills.
  • We are not Utah locals, but Utah natives, as told to us by a New Yorker that lives here 5 months of the year just to ski.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tribute To The Parents

Any parent who has tried to get their child to smile for a photo is met with challenges.  Here are the goofy grins that Hilary and Dennen have captured when they coached, "SMILE!":