Thursday, February 4, 2016

End of the Year

Megan and Josh announced that they will be having a baby in June. They are so excited and we are very, very excited.

This year Christmas is a little bit different because all of our kids are spread around the United States. Rache,l in Alaska, will not be able to come for Christmas nor will Megan, Josh, Tyler, Emily, Mason and Milo.

Because Dennen will be doing a rotation in upstate New York, Hilary, Finn, and Margo will be coming to stay at our house for three months. They all will arrive on Christmas eve and stay until April.

The Fraziers had their Christmas early since they will be traveling.  We were able to FaceTime with them and see Finn open his presents. He opened Margo's for her and said, "Oooh look Margo little teeny clothes for you!" He then set them on her lap.

Martin and Sue (now living in Elko) will be able to come spend Christmas. Denise and Greg are also coming for Christmas. Mom and Dad are up for Christmas from Yuma. 

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