Saturday, February 6, 2016


Cold feet for 47 years of skiing.  I am so tired of cold feet.  I've been looking into heated insoles and the price range is huge.  Now that I have titanium parts in the feet, the cold seems worse.  Today wasn't even a cold day.

My long underwear is 47 years old.  Is the $ saved over the years by not purchasing lots of unnecessary clothing now available to sink into insoles?

My feet are crying, "YES!"

My miserly pocketbook screams, "Well, maybe."

Therm-ic ThermicSole Classic, SmartPack rc 1600

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Emily S said...

I was about to say, just get them! But then I saw the title of your blog post is $460... I definitely could see the hesitation with that price point.

I guess if you need to be talked into it, you can always think about how much the other ski equipment is and just add it as a necessary upgrade. Or better yet, just an additional cost to your foot procedure...very minor additional (necessary) medical cost. :)