Thursday, February 4, 2016

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

got thinkin about the blog
which led to looking at the snow report 
because I am not skiing today 
because I will sew beads on youngest offspring's wedding dress

no new snow to speak of 
going tomorrow if my friend doesn't wimp out on me
Saturday will be a ski day
a point .....  stinks to be the gal in the bunch
guys will go without gal, but never reverse - frowney face

checking my "ski" bookmarks
find a link to article from a medical journal on Chronic Venous Insufficiency
I do seriously sourced medical research
bookmarked under "ski"?
Hmmm, legs ache....

pathetic, small snowflakes comin down
maybe I'll get dressed
look at the wedding dress
or head out for a pancake
and not bead
wish i'd skied

glad to not have chronic venous insufficiency

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