Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Blessing

On September 28, Margo Atlin Jane Frazier joined the Frazier family.  Hilary had close monitoring throughout her pregnancy because of the complications with Finn and because of the loss of Rowan Sage.

The great news is that she was delivered healthy and happy.  Mom, Dad, and Finn all did well with the new addition.  Hilary developed a pregnancy tumor on her gum that made life pretty uncomfortable in addition to the regular pregnancy and delivery challenges that come.  She had surgery a few days after Margo was born and is was removed.

I was able to visit when Margo was a couple of days old.  Dennen's mom was there right before Margo was born and helped out a lot with the management of hospital visits and watching Finn.

Margo is a pleasant and happy baby.  She basically has no problems and eats, sleeps and cuddles.

I had a delightful visit in Maine.  We had a great time at an apple farm where we sampled donuts and cider, listened to some bluegrass, and visited the animals.

Hilary and Dennen had a bit of a challenge trying to train Finn to treat her gently, but he got the hand of it after several squishing and pulling episodes.  Deciding that there is a difference between a toy and a real baby is not an easy task for a three-year-old boy.

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megs and josh said...

Very nice post. I am so excited to meet Margo!